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Speed up your woocommerce & WordPress website to make your visitors and Google happy. Moreover, get the highest score in google pagespeed insights, and GTmetrix. Finally, increase your traffic and boost your SEO.

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Why Speed Optimization is Important?

You just have 3 seconds to load your landing pages otherwise you will lose the audiences. Boost your page speed to keep users satisfied and increase conversion rate! Also, pagespeed and mobile-friendly are two important factors for Google and search engine optimization (SEO).

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How Speed Optimization Affects your website


79% of customers who report dissatisfaction with website performance are less likely to buy from that same site again


if your site makes $100,000/day, 1 second improvement in page speed brings $7,000 daily


64% of smartphone users expect pages to load in less than 4 seconds


1 second delay in page load time means 11% loss of page views


47% of customers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less



1 second delay means a 7% reduction in conversions

source: skilled.co

• speed optimization benefits •

Our WP Rocket Features

Minify Resources (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

An effective way to reduce your website’s resource usage, by removing unnecessary or redundant data without affecting how the website is displaying.

Enable Compression

Reducing the size of pages up to 70%, increasing page speed, and improving the performance of your website are the results of enabling GZIP compression.

Turbocharge Loading Time By CDN

Using CDN will bring faster content delivery, DDoS protection, high availability, boost server response time, and saving money to your website.

Optimize WordPress Database

By wordpress database optimization you’ll improve your page load time, Time to First Byte, and overall user experience.

Minimize HTTP Requests

We’ll reduce HTTP requests as many as possible to more speed up your wordpress website.

Leverage Browser Caching

Advanced browser caching significantly improves your page speed by storing static files such images, CSS, JS, and other resources in visitor’s browser. Also, it will incredibly save your bandwidth.

Enabling HTTPS

Enabling HTTPS benefits are increased google ranking, improved security, increased conversion rate, and increased customer confidence.

WordPress Image Optimizer

The most important reason for image optimization is improving page speed. because around 60% of your website’s weight is images.

Boost Scores of Google Pagespeed & GTmetrix

We guarantee the highest possible score in website testing tools like Lighthouse, GTmetrix (Green Markup Guarantee),  Google PageSpeed Insights, and YSlow.

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7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try out our WordPress Speed Optimizer risk-free with our 7-day money back guarantee. If you were dissatisfied with our services and didn’t feel better than before,
we’ll refund your money without any question.

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Speed Optimization Packages

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Page Speed Questions & Answers

How can I test my current page speed?

Google Pagespeed Insights, GTmetrix, and Pingdom are the best tools for testing web performance. Also, you can try out our ultimate SEO Checker Pro for free!

Which WordPress website can't be optimized?

Almost all wordpress websites can be optimized except for websites that they’re running on slow or low-grade hosts, they’re using an older version of wordpress, and they have non-optimized themes or plugins that bring too many CSS and JS files whether internal or external.

What do we need to speed up your website?

We’ll need a wordpress administration login info and FTP access or hosting login info. Please remember removing them after we’re done.

What is CDN? Does CDN help SEO?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver web pages and contents to the users based on their geographic locations. So it can increase the performance of your website.

How will I know that my website has gotten faster and how much?

Before we start working on your website, we’ll take the page speed tests and share with you. In the end, we’ll run the same page speed tests and you can see the difference. Also after that, you can browse and feel your website how much is faster than before.

Will you change my website's structure or how it works?

No, we’ll only work on performance. Also, we make a full backup of every project before starting, so we can always restore the website to the previous state.

What are Green, Orange, and Red Check Marks on Gtmetrix Pagespeed?

Green means there is no issue and your website is fast. Orange means there are some moderate issues and your page speed is average. Finally Red means there are many critical issues and your website is very slow.

If my website can't be optimized what should I do?

Based on the said problems,

  • if your host is slow we can migrate that for you.
  • if you’re using an older version of wordpress, we can upgrade that for you.
  • if your current theme is not proper for optimization, we can redesign that for you.
  • if some of your plugins have too many CSS or JS files or that files can’t be optimized, the only way is removing them and find similar optimized plugins.

Are you White Hat?

Yes, we are. The only way to improve your SEO is the white hat techniques. We follow all of the Google recommendations that very few websites implement. So, let’s try our WP Rocket safely.

Do you backup my website before optimizing?

Yes, before beginning the optimization process, we make a full backup of your website.

Why HTTPS should be enabled on my website?

Google prefers websites that are trusted and certified. In January 2017, Chrome 56 started displaying “not secure” in the browser bar for any website that hasn’t HTTPS. So it’s useful to google ranking, user security, and user experience.